Friday, July 29, 2011

Ginger Riggs: Tours, France

In June 2011 I participated in the Tours, France Study Abroad for 4 weeks. It was incredible! (c'était incroyable). The U really prepared us well. We had all the information we needed to be successful and the Professors and Alison (study abroad advisor) were very supportive. I noticed that other University's did not have the same support that we were given. 

I came back understanding French so much better that when I left. If you remember that everything you experience is normal then you'll do just fine. The instructors at the Institut de Touraine are wonderful and the class size was perfect. Be prepared to climb a lot of stairs! There are no elevators in France. :)  If you study and really try you'll do well. 

Participating in home stay was another highlight. My host was so gracious and such a great cook. It was wonderful to experience the French way of eating.  I have adopted that here in the states. The conversations I had at night with my host really helped my french the most. She was great. If you adapt to their lifestyle and way of eating from the start and keep an open mind you will really enjoy it!

Finally, Tours is such a wonderful city. I loved walking around and meeting the shop owners (be sure to say bonjour and au revoir when you enter and exit). When they see how hard you are trying to communicate in French they are very helpful and kind. You can walk everywhere there and market day was always a treat. I highly recommend this program. It's an experience I will always cherish.

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