Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rachel Spotts: My Adventures in Oviedo, Spain!

Rachel Spotts

My Adventures in Oviedo, Spain!

I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Oviedo, Spain during the summer of 2011. One of the greatest things I learned during my time overseas was that diversity in cultural immersion is of vast importance for people in today’s globalized world. Not only was I able to learn Spanish at a much faster pace than I otherwise would have, but I also was exposed to the ways of life and rich cultural history of a beautiful area in Spain.

I left for the study abroad program with the hopes

of learning to read, write, and speak Spanish better, but I left with so much more. In addition to the skills I learned with the language, I left with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the culture and people. The classes were very effective and overall were a great learning environment. The homework provided more help for me to practice the materials, and then I would apply everything that I learned on a daily basis with my host family and everyone that I spent time with after class. I met many new people in Oviedo, and it was great to speak Spanish everyday and be able to hold conversations with everyone. The language barrier was less and less of an issue as the program went on. I am so grateful to have had this incredible experience in Oviedo, Spain. I learned so much from an international perspective, and I can now speak Spanish with more confidence and ease. I will always remember my adventures in Spain, including the excursions and group activities, as well as the experiences that each day brought. This study abroad program was a lot of fun, and it was also very informative and a great way to learn Spanish.

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