Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Essay Contest Winner, Best Photos, Corey Shurtleff, Spain

Viaje There is no possible way to capture the entirety of a life experience, such as one created by a Study Abroad Program. I participated in the University of Utah’s summer language Study Abroad program in Oviedo, Spain. I was enrolled in classes that fulfilled my 2010 and 2020 language requirement. Going into the program with only one previous semester of language experience, I was fairly overwhelmed and nervous. I truly had no idea how this program would impact my life and the perspective I would gain on the world and other cultures.

URBAN BILBAO: During my semester in Spain, I had the opportunity for travel during a free weekend scheduled in the middle of the program (opposed to the scheduled excursions during other weekends). A group of students and I planned a trip from Oviedo to Bilbao, and from Bilbao to San Sebastian. This gave us an opportunity to venture out and travel independently. Traveling by foot enabled us to see parts of cities rarely seen otherwise. Both in Bilbao and in San Sebastian we were able to explore, connect with locals, and learn a diverse set of cultures within Spain. GRAINS OF HISTORY This photo was taken at the Santa Maria del Naranco on Mount Naranco in Oviedo. Oviedo is a historical focal point in the mountain region of Asturias. The aged brick and rich wood is a nostalgic characterization of the cuidad antigua of Oviedo. The street life and community in the city is like nothing I have ever seen before. At all times of the day, in all parts of the city there is always life and action. The way that the modern culture fits into the historical city breeds a dynamic and unique culture, perfect for students to explore and learn.

PARADICE IN THE PICOS: Voluntary excursions are also available during the Study Abroad. Even though participation sometimes required getting up at 5 in the morning, the benefits were incredible. This photo was taken 12 km into the Picos de Europas of northern Spain.

BACK ALLEYS OF BARCA: After the graduation of the program, students were free to travel and explore other areas of Spain and Europe. During a few days in Barcelona, we were able to visit La Sagrada Familia, la cuidad antigua, the Mediterranean Sea, popular nightclubs and fantastic back alleys such as this one. WHERE

CITY MEETS SKY: Near the end of our experience, we spent time in Valencia. This destination was among my favorite during my study abroad. This beautiful city has many things to offer in terms of architecture and site seeing, unique cuisine, beach, and city life. Valencia was the perfect city to end an incredible adventure in Spain. Through all of the places and cities visited, we were able to appreciate the various Spanish cultures – individual cultures that thrived brightly within the Spanish culture, ranging from northern, to eastern, to southern, to central.

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  1. I really like what you did with the contrast on the pictures. Did you use a photo editing software?