Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Essay Contest Winner, Best Story, Jozef Mitchell, Siena, Italy


Nature has an innate strength.
The closer we get to it the more we
learn from it.

There is much to say about
perspective. It is best to look at
things in every way possible. In
focus, out of focus, up close, from
far away, as a native, and as an
outsider. Perspective changes

A good walk is like a good kiss. You
can share a short one with friends,
or a long one with a lover.
Walk where you’ve been before,
walk where you haven’t. It can be
done in the morning, evening, or at
Refreshing. I suppose you could
take a walk alone, but I don’t
recommend giving yourself a kiss.

Italy is full of walls and fortresses. I
immediately asked myself what they
were protecting. Although the
threats of barbarians, invasions, and
other old world dangers had long
since passed I imagined they were
left standing to protect the Italians
way of life.

How could Dante Alghieri write
about the depths of hell in a
countryside as breathtaking as
Tuscany? With its endless rolling
hills and vineyards, perhaps he was
moved to imagine something that
contrasted with this eternal

There are small details in life that
people often fly past. Italy’s beauty
taught me to slow down and admire
the small and unnoticed places. I
learned that putting pride and
passion into the details is what
separates ordinary work from
masterpieces in any facet of life.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on your win. (You are making me want to go back to Italy so badly!!)